Who are we?
We're just an ordainary family embarking on a journey in an RV across the country. Well, half way across the country. We're starting at our home in Woodmere, NY, and our destination is Chicago, IL.
Why an RV?
The kids are growing up so fast and we want to spend quality time with them together as a family. Spending 2 week in a 32 foot RV seems like a great way to do that.
What's this website about?
This is about us sharing unadulterated footage of the trip with you. Fun activity? See the pictures here. Kid had a meltdown? See a picture of it here.
How much is this going to cost?
While we can't put a price tag on quality family time, the RV Rental company, gas stations, attractions we'll be stopping at, RV parks, tolls etc etc can. We're not sure about the exact number, but it's not cheap.
What about cleaning the poop?
Such things shall not be mentioned. Aaron will do it. We'll give him gloves (if he behaves).
Can we interact with you?
You sure can! Just email boehmrvtrip@gmail.com and the text of your email will appear in the comments section!
Wait - so your family is going to spend 2 weeks cramped into a 32 foot RV?
That sounds like a terrible idea.
Pfft. You're just jealous.